Unusual Conversations: Mike Tyson and Freddie Mercury

Unusual Conversations: Mike Tyson and Freddie Mercury

Mike Tyson: Hey Freddie, have you ever wondered if credit card processing fees are tax deductible?

Freddie Mercury: I don't know, Mike. But did you know that Canada has various international agreements in place?

Mike Tyson: That's interesting. By the way, can one legally break an employment contract before the start date in South Africa? I read an article about it on TinkerHub Library.

Freddie Mercury: Speaking of legal matters, do you know what the legal foundations of special education are?

Mike Tyson: I'm not sure, but have you ever dealt with a workers' comp claim as a contractor?

Freddie Mercury: No, I haven't. But did you know that there are popular law firms that offer the best legal services?

Mike Tyson: And what about lemon law at used car dealerships? Do you think it's fair?

Freddie Mercury: I haven't really thought about it. But I've heard about lifetime tenancy agreement templates for tenants. Sounds like a good idea.

Mike Tyson: That's interesting. And have you heard about free real estate contract templates? They could come in handy!

Freddie Mercury: Yes, they definitely could. And what about reading devices for the legally blind? It's amazing what technology can do nowadays!


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