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calculate take home pay india
calculate take home pay india

This is a mandatory savings scheme that must be provided by organisations of a certain size. It is estimated as 12% of an employee’s basic salary and is deposited in the EPF account. The employer makes an equal contribution to the employee’s EPF account. The employee’s contribution is tax-deductible for a maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakhs per year. The employer’s contribution is considered as part of CTC and is not reflected on the salary slip.

AFTPL through its brand Jupiter has partnered with MMTC-PAMP to provide Digital Gold products to consumers. AFTPL through its brand Jupiter has partnered with Federal bank to offer Savings Bank accounts, Fixed and Recurring Deposits to consumers. Last drawn salary amount will also include Dearness Allowance . Reviewia is a global platform wherein you can find salaries across industries for India as of now, click here for salary benchmarks. If your CTC is 12 Lakhs per annum then your take home salary will be around 10,29,000 Rs per annum and 85,000 Rs per month.

calculate take home pay india

The current 8.5% VPF Interest rate is the same as the PF Interest rate. Withdrawals are completely tax-free following the 5-year lock-in period. An employee can calculate his or her take-home pay using the automated web tool provided by Vakilsearch.

This is a required savings plan that businesses of a particular size are required to offer. It is put in the EPF account and is calculated to be 12% of an employee's base pay. Equal contributions are made to each employee's EPF account by the employer. Tax deductions for employee contributions are allowed up to ₹1.5 lakh per year.

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Delhi, Chennai , Mumbai and Kolkata are metro cities for the purpose of HRA calculations. The Salary Calculator has been moved to this new URL, in the process we made a few improvements to the site to make it look better and work faster. calculate take home pay india This newer version is five times faster than the original Salary Calculator. We also made the calculator mobile friendly and consumes less data when using from mobile phones. You can estimate your net monthly savings on the basis of in-hand salary.

  • When you opt for PF, you are basically agreeing with your employer to contribute a part of CTC to your retirement fund i.e. your PF account and not receive the amount in cash.
  • This is different than USA where it is generally paid bi-weekly.
  • We have explained the working of the salary calculator in detail in the upcoming segments.
  • Your salary package may vary depending on your workplace’s location, with variations between metropolitan and rural areas.

In the Union Budget 2020, the new tax regime was introduced wherein the individual taxpayers have an option to choose between the old and new tax regime. The new tax regime offers lower tax rates if you are willing to give up on certain deductions or exemptions under the Income Tax Act of 1961. CTC or Cost to Company is the amount that a company has directly or indirectly used to hire or retain employees. It is the total salary package that the company is providing to the employee and indicates the overall expenses that the company is spending on the employee in one financial year. There are different types of pay frequencies when it comes to paying a salary or a wage to an employee.

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Does the gap between your CTC and take home salary (in-hand salary) confuse you? In this post, you will get a complete guide on how to calculate take home salary from CTC including an excel calculator tool that makes this super easy. A gratuity is a one-time payment made to an employee following a predetermined length of service. Although it's frequently given at retirement, a person may ask for a gratuity when switching employment after a certain number of years of service. Depending on your title, experience, and the sector you work in, it ranges from 35 to 50 % of your whole gross compensation.

Companies usually pay allowances which are eligible for tax deductions. Buy medical insurance for your family and parents for upto ₹ 35,000/- and this amount will be exempt from income tax . The Salary Calculator calculates your PF and EPF to be 12% of your Basic Pay and Gratuity as 4.81% of Basic Pay. If your PF is paid as a different percentage, you need to enter the actual mount paid to you in the PF field for accurate calculations.

In every professional field, employees get paid at the end of the month by their employers. The amount they receive is usually mentioned in their contract as well as the pay slip. The take home salary calculated by the salary calculator is an indicative number and hence is given in a range. As every company has variations in their compensation structure, the values calculated are as per general tax guidelines of the country and not specific to any company. Variable pay, such as a performance bonus or a percentage of sales commission, is sometimes included as part of the total wage.

As the salary calculations involve various components, you need to use different formulas to calculate each aspect. Employers pay this benefit for you and your family’s domestic travel expenses during a holiday. The allowance only covers railway ticket prices and airfares. Section 10 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 offers tax exemption on the LTA amount for up to two holidays in a four-calendar-year block. You need to submit proof of travel to receive the tax benefit.

The contribution made by the employee towards the EPF is available for a deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Pre-tax contributions are another factor that affect your take-home pay. You can actually lower your taxable income by taking advantage of certain benefits that your employer may offer. This lowers how much of your income is actually subject to taxation. On the other hand, the gross salary is the amount that remains after subtracting gratuity and EPF from the CTC.

It contains details regarding the salary earned by the employee and the amount of tax to be deducted. Any taxpayer is entitled to submit their Form 16 in order to file for Income Tax returns during the financial year. It also acts as a proof regarding the income earned and tax paid to the government. The fixed amount paid to the employee is known as the basic salary. This is the amount that is arrived at before any deductions, increments, bonuses, or allowances. The basic salary would remain the same, unlike other aspects of the CTC.

It just simplifies the taxation process, but you need to pay higher income tax. Take home salary of an employee in India is” CTC – (Gross salary – Deductions)”. The CTC of an employee includes the PF contribution of employer and gratuity amount and any other expenses that the company is spending on the employee. ClearTax is a product by Defmacro Software Private Limited ("Defmacro").

calculate take home pay india

If you leave the company, you lose the benefit of insurance immediately. The variable component which we know by many names including performance compensation, bonus etc. Other companies follow a practice of paying LTA monthly as a part of the salary, after deducting TDS. TDS at year end is then adjusted basis any LTA claims made. Simply because not all CTC components are equally taxable or payable every month.

The sum that is left over after taking into account deductions from gross pay is known as an employee's take-home pay. Bonus is given as compensation for good work and is included in an employee's gross salary. ET money’s online salary calculator is fast and simple to use. Following simple 5 steps will allow you to know your in-hand salary.

Transforming Your Business Through Expert Insights and Strategies. The Indian Tax Calculator uses specific tax terminology and phrases. We have listed the specific tax and finance terms used on the India Tax Calculator below. D) Daily Allowance to meet the ordinary daily charges incurred by an employee on account of absence from his normal place of duty.

Every employee who earns a particular amount in compensation is required to pay this tax to the state government. This part of the compensation is paid to cover the employee's and his or her family's domestic holiday travel costs. This allocation is specifically for flight and train tickets. According to the Income-tax Act, there is a maximum tax exemption available on the LTA amount. As the name suggests, Leave Travel Allowance is a benefit given to employees to cover travel expenses while they are on leave. It covers the train or bus fares or airfares incurred on travelling with or without family.

What is changing for you under the new wage code?

Here, we will discuss take-home salary and how Fisdom’s Take-home salary can help employees in easily determining the salary that they can expect in hand. This blog is for educational purpose and not meant to replace professional advice. We take due care to keep the information on this blog as accurate as possible with links to authentic sources.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

Since the gross compensation is determined before deductions, it is always greater than your take-home pay. It covers your bonus, overtime pay, and any other extra benefits your employer might provide. In any professional setting, an employer pays employees a predetermined sum for their services at the end of each month. Usually, this sum is specified in the employee's contract and pay stub. Each of the numerous components of the pay can differ between employers. An employee must pay taxes on salary because it is a part of their yearly revenue.

One has to pay tax on their Basic Salary, and typically it accounts for %of overall gross pay. Nevertheless, the company establishes it normally by considering an employee's job title and employment sector. The basic income is not calculated using a precise calculation, and the company has full discretion over the sum of the basic salary. CTC does not equal take-home pay; instead, it includes a variety of allowances, as stated above. Your CTC is frequently used to determine annual appraisals and raises. The components of CTC, on the other hand, differ from one employer to the next.


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