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Along with his career as a chef, he is also a qualified personal health expert. In 1993, he completed his high school education at Elstree School and later attended Bradfield College until 1999. To pursue a culinary course The chef is also said to have attended the University of Florida. Ben Robinson parents are Patrick Robinson and Suzanne Robinson. Ben is the famous master chef from the Bravo TV reality show Below The Deck.

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Since then he’s been on four seasons of Below Deck as executive chef. He also runs a successful catering business and is now a certified health coach specialising in conditions such as cancer and addiction. Chef Ben's career is a far cry from his father's endeavors, but the pair have become wildly successful in their respective fields, both booked for speaking and cooking appearances worldwide.

The owner of the boat is a billionaire from Texas named James Clark also known as Jim Clark. Between seasons two and three of the show Below Deck, Kate Chastain had a relationship with cast member Ben. He knew all his mother's sauces- gravy, bechamel, and vinaigrette. She has always been low profile and kept herself far away from the limelight. Though she had not been seen frequently, she is the backbone of her family. Robinson credits his mother for teaching him the basics and igniting his love for all culinary.

Chef Ben was hired to work on the Athena, one of the world’s largest yachts, when he was in his twenties. During the fourth season of Below Deck, Ben began dating Emily Warburton-Adams, the second stew. During their season, the two went on multiple dates and even continued to date after they left the Valor. The pair lived together in Fort Lauderdale for a year after leaving the yacht before calling it quits. In 2017, Ben stated that he and Emily were no longer together during an episode of the After Deck With Kate Chastain podcast.

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As he talked he said in a confessional that he did attend private boarding school and even played sports with Prince Harry and Prince William. Ben has been in multiple seasons of Bravo’s famous show Below Deck. The reality show follows a group of people who work on giant yachts in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Ben’s culinary abilities have been highlighted as he works as Executive Chef, handling not just the open seas but also unusual and demanding requirements.

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While they are pretty open to most suggestions, celebrities have final say whether they will accept or decline a Bookkeeping. For a list of things that we don't allow, please take a look at our Acceptable Use Policy and Community Guidelines. In his free time, Ben enjoys distance running, hiking, kayaking, experimenting with cooking, and playing piano. He aspires to one day section-hike the Appalachian Trail, write short stories, and return to the classroom. Allyson Plessner is a former editorial intern for Cape Cod Life and now works for the publication as a staff writer and digital media coordinator.

Ben Robinson Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Father, Below Deck and Net Worth

Our team also has previously covered the story of the relationship between Kate Chastain and Ben. They confessed to maintaining an intimate relationship but neither of them breakthrough to reveal further about their time. Afterward, Robinson and Chastain moved on and are living individually. She has a Twitter account @KateEstate with more than a hundred followers and around fifty tweets. Kate works as an account executive at Robinson Speakers Bureau. She has been serving in that position for over ten years since June 2012.

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They were attending events together and took pictures together. Emily took the next step and in April 2018, she shared some of their pictures together on Twitter and tagged Fort Lauderdale, Florida as the location. It is however not known what their reunion means for the future of their relationship. Though they are no longer a couple, Ben and Emily continue to spend time together, catching up in his new hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida or her City of London. Their most recent reunion captured on social media was in October 2018, according to Ben’s Instagram.

Did Chef Ben From ‘Below Deck Med’ Really Play Sports With Prince Harry and Prince William?

That said, Chef Ben has continued to express his creativity in the kitchen and has taught his followers how to use a blow torch to make decadent meals. Even though Ben Robinson was linked to his former co-worker, Emily Warburton Adams, the pair broke off their romance in 2017. Even though he was wary of the show, taking advantage of the opportunity worked out well for Robinson, as he appeared on many of the best seasons of Below Deck. The show wasn't the first time Chef Ben worked on a boat, but it was his first experience with reality TV.

As rumored Emily is Ben Robinson’s girlfriend and that they both are in an affair for a few years. Once she posted an image in which they were chilling on a Beach. Recently, she is one of the co-hosts and Executive Producers on Bravo's Chat Room. She has a Twitter account @Kate_Chastain with 305.5K followers and 10.7K tweets.

However, it’s unlikely Ben and Kate are together or he agreed to be the father. Fans also noticed that Kate has an wedding ring on in her latest picture and may either be engaged or married to a mystery man. That said, Kate told Andy Cohen on the after show that she’s raising the kid on her own. Ben Robinson| Donna Ward/Getty ImagesLater Robinson shared his story with chief stew Hannah Ferrier. He was even brought to tears talking about his journey to becoming a chef.

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Ben Robinson's Father Reacts to Below Deck Mediterranean The ....

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His primary source of income is his career as a Certified Health Coach, Chef and Reality Star. Through his various sources of income, he has been able to accumulate a good fortune but prefers to lead a modest lifestyle. According to sources he also has a hotel and catering business. He is a champion when it comes to cooking a healthy cuisine. Kate is a celebrated author, philanthropist, podcaster, radio show host, and dog mom.

Before adding that he had no regrets about hooking up with Kate Chastain in the past Ben told Us Weekly about their history. After Robinson arrived at the show, other members noticed both of them being close to each other. At that time, in interviews, the two didn't speak about this topic, but both confessed to having romantic relations in between the seasons. He appeared on six seasons of the show before he decided to leave to focus on his successful catering business.

Who is Ben Robinson? Get to Know the Below Deck Chef

The world-class chef was born on December 30, 1980, in England, where he lived until moving to the United States with his mother. Ben Robinson is a famous chef from England who settled in America. He is a star chef and has also worked in many shows like Below Deck Mediterranean .

  • He spent his summers in the USA on Cape Cod, where he developed an interest in fishing.
  • Chef Ben Robinson has extensive experience on both land and water.
  • During the final minute of his school rugby match he collapsed, fell unconscious and never woke up.
  • Robinson and stew Julia d’Albert-Pusey experienced a few tense moments when the second stew perceived Robinson as being pompous, likely due to his upper echelon upbringing and private school education.
  • Following that, he got an apprenticeship with Heston Blumenthal at The Fat Duck, a multi-award winning, three-Michelin-star restaurant.
  • Robinson did his apprenticeship as a chef from the famous hotel in London known as The Fat Duck.

Chef Ben has donated 75 Christmas turkey and 20 prime rib roasts to under-privileged families this year. In May 2009, the state of Washington passed a new bill, requiring any youth showing signs of concussion to be examined by a health care professional before returning to play. Peter is campaigning for mandatory concussion training throughout junior rugby. This month saw progress as the Scottish government launched a Concussion Awareness leaflet in all schools.

"I do think that, yes, that the close quarters of our work environment is going to have additional pressures. And, obviously, our work relationship will be effected by this." "We use the term concussion, which just comes off the tongue very easily… but it’s a traumatic brain injury. When you use that term, I think people sit up and listen. A father whose son died 10 years ago as a result of a brain injury he suffered during a schools rugby match says there's more work to be done to raise awareness of the dangers of such injuries. A father whose son died 10 years ago as a result of a brain injury he suffered during a schools r... Eaglemoss/Hero Collector's Development Manager John Ainsworth has assumed most of Robinson's oversight duties for the production of the miniatures, after the first 120 Trek starships were manufactured. The son of a television producer father and English teacher mother, Robinson is the grandson of Bernard Robinson, most notably known as the production designer of most Hammer films made from 1957 until 1968.

  • Chef Ben has been open with his feelings about the show, even though it provided him with many opportunities.
  • "We use the term concussion, which just comes off the tongue very easily… but it’s a traumatic brain injury. When you use that term, I think people sit up and listen.
  • The shows gave a glimpse into the working lives of Chef Robinson and other eight crew members.
  • Apparently, Ben's mother is an even bigger fan of the series.

He is a master chef who trained under Italian chefs in Florence and completed an apprenticeship at The Fat Duck, a three-star Michelin-starred restaurant in the United Kingdom. So it’s easy to see why fans were so quick to assume he was the father. Fans of Below Deck were momentarily shocked by an Instagram post featuring fan-favorite Kate Chastain, where she posed with chef Ben Robinson in a way that made it look as if he was the father of her child.


One interesting tidbit that came out of him opening up about his past was that his father is the New York Times bestselling author Patrick Robinson. Chef Ben Robinsonhas cooked his way into our hearts after four seasons Below Deck with his lovable accent, cheeky sense of humor, and one of a kind hairstyle. But what you may not know is that Ben isn't the only Robinson celebrity...Ben's father, Patrick Robinson, has had his fair share of time in the spotlight. Create your free profile and get access to exclusive content.


Robinson tried to explain to d’Albert-Pusey he left home early and pursued his career on his own. During an emotional moment on Below Deck Mediterranean season one, chef Ben Robinson revealed that he came from a privileged background, but fought for his career on his own. He has achieved a great deal of fame and money as a TV personality and chef as a result of her talent and hard work. Chef Ben Robinson has extensive experience on both land and water.

Cailyn resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, dog, and two cats. When she isn't writing Cailyn is cosplaying, watching RuPaul's Drag Race, and Marvel movies. This method may be unconventional, but Robinson makes it seem like it is how things should always have been done, and more people need to branch out in their cooking techniques.

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