They’ve been missing from serious research and instruction for more than one century.

One who declares belief in the Infinite and that no one is able to ignore it — is able to include more supernatural elements than can be found in the many supernatural manifestations of every religion as the concept of the Infinite is a dual concept that is imposed upon us yet is utterly unfathomable. One of the reasons that gives this idea its popularity this moment is the reality that universalist versions of the past disappeared from serious scholarship on history in the latter half of the 19th century. For as long as the mysterious nature of the infinite affects human thinking Temples will be built to honor the Infinite regardless of regardless of whether God is known as Brahma, Allah, Jehovah, or Jesus and on the streets inside these temples humans will be seen kneeling down, and destroyed with the thought about the Infinite. They’ve been missing from serious research and instruction for more than one century. The Greeks knew the potential of the mysterious aspect of the world.

In contrast academic and historical research have been confined to increasingly fragmented institutional and intellectual structures that separated the historical records of humans from those of the natural world and separated human history into multiple national or regional histories. They gave humanity one of our most stunning phrases that we have spoken –"enthusiasm" "enthusiasm" -"en theos" [En Theos"A god" — meaning a god in the midst of us. Because they were typically built on written records Modern histories were divided by the presence or non-existence of the literacy, in such a way that they excluded vast regions of the human past in which no written records existed. Humanity’s grandeur can be measured by the motivation from which they originate. This kind of sharply focused research that was of this type appeared in every field in the humanities as well as science, but the results have been enormous. Blessed is the one who has within him the idea of God and an ideal and who is obedient to it: ideal of art Ideal of science ideal of the gospel virtues wherein are the springs of great ideas and grand actions.

In addition, there’s any doubt that scientists had excellent reasons for not pursuing the more extravagant theories of the 19th century’s universal historical theories, since in the vast majority of areas of study, and particularly within the humanities the available information was insufficient to be able to discern large theories of speculation which meant that often the ideology of the day trumped hard evidence. They all shine light from the infinite. Social Darwinism is merely an obvious example of the dangers of creating excessively extravagant accounts about the history of the midst with limited information as well as ideology of imperialism or nationalists. However, much has changed since when. Think, play, participate.

A careful and rigorous empirical study within diverse scholarly fields has led to buy an abundance of information that was not available at the end of the 19th century. Dates and events when you will discover events and dates for Danish Higher Education institutions close to your home. In particular, in the field of natural sciences, researchers from various disciplines have recommenced to investigate unified, interdisciplinary theories of the past. Come meet us! These stories have been associated with the development of powerful concepts in the field of geology (plate tectonics) as well as biology (the notion of natural selection, bolstered with a new comprehension of gene-based mechanisms) as well as – perhaps the most astonishingly – in the field of cosmology. aarhus-university-au.

Big Bang cosmology arose from an combination of nuclear Physics (the investigation of the extremely small) and Cosmology (the investigation of the very vast). aarhus-university-au. It was so effective was the resultant synergy, that physicists as well as cosmologists began to seriously think regarding the prospect of developing "grandunified theories," models that would encompass all of the physical universe into one large account that explains how our Universe functions. aarhus-university-au. The Humanities disciplines are still more fragmented. aarhus-university-au. The area that is called Big History is based on the notion that the moment might have come for historians to revisit the big, unifying issues of the past. aarhus-university-au. One reason for saying this is that the new dating techniques created since the 1950s starting with C14 dating which has allowed it to be possible to build chronologies that span the entire span of time. aarhus-university-au. The time H. aarhus-university-au. G. aarhus-university-au.

Wells set out to build a comprehensive history at a time when such initiatives were viewed as unpopular upon by professional historians and historians, he was forced to admit that he did not have dates that dated back further than a couple of thousand years because absolute dates relied on the existence of written proof. aarhus-university-au. Presently, we have access to many new methods to date events in the distant past, and we can build extremely precise absolute chronologies going backliterally to the beginnings to the beginning of our Universe. aarhus-university-au. The chronologies we construct allow us to construct narratives about the evolution of the Universe, which run across cosmology to biology, and then to geology and, ultimately, human historical events. aarhus-university-au. It is possible because of this to think of human history as not distinct from the story that is the history of Earth and biosphere, but as an integral part of that bigger history. aarhus-university-au. This, naturally is a view which is in perfect harmony with the growing recognition of the ecological significance of the human story that has developed in the last half of the 20th century. aarhus-university-au.

Another factor that has inspired more extensive histories of the past was the tremendous rapidity of globalization in the last decade of the 20th century.


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